A milkmaid walks into a bar. 

			After a long day of tending to dairy products, she approaches the bartender with the intention of buying a drink to relax. 

			"What can I get you started with?" the bartender asks. "What can I get you started with?" the milkmaid responded, sneering and scrunching her face up. She let out a quick cackle and headed over to the nearby pool tables.

			The strong-type bar patrons quietly playing pool in solitude were abruptly interrupted by the milkmaid obnoxiously singing a farm song at the top of her lungs. As soon as she saw them get angry, she let out another cackle and pranced away again.

			This time, she approaches a sad man drinking his sorrows away in a dank corner of the bar. "She left you because you're ugly!" the milkmaid giggled, turning away to her next victim.

			The milkmaid stood outside the bathrooms and tripped people on their way out. They would land face-first in the filth of the bar's floor, she would lean over to help them up, and then "accidentally" let her hand slip, causing the patrons to lose their balance and fall once again.

			Then she spilled drinks and broke a few glasses, getting everyone sticky and gross.

			At this point in her antics, many of the patrons had gone home and the bartender was beginning to think he should be considering losing his patience soon. She approached one of the remaining patrons, an old man who had been watching in silence. "Knock knock!" the milkmaid exclaimed. As the man opened his mouth, she slapped his face with a small pie she had baked at the farm she worked on.

			The old man looked up at her with tears in his eyes, and said: "Why can't you leave us alone, milkmaid? Don't you have anything butter to do?"